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Learn about Alexander The Great Greek Restaurant

Our Mission

At Alexander The Great, we aim to bring the taste of the Mediterranean, using fresh and flavoursome produce. Our chefs prepare everything in-house, making sure your meal is prepared to the best standard.

Alexander The Great (356-323 BC)

Alexander The Great was the son of a very successful soldier, politician and King, Philip II of Macedonia. At just 20 years of age he became king himself after his fathers assassination. The bonus in his inheritance was the Macedonian army, an instrument of war that was unparalleled for that age. With his mighty army in one hand and his bravery, wisdom, and great education by Aristotle on the other, he built an empire that stretched from the Ionian Sea to Northern India and throughout these lands he spread Greek ideas, civilisation, and customs. In the true spirit of Alexander, we combined traditional Greek hospitality and an all conquering food and drink menu comprising fine cuisine and delicious local wines.